About IFYSI Owners

founders of ifysi


Ish Madaan and Daisy Madaan are the founders of IFYSI.

Ish is an electronics engineer and has worked in various MNCs around the globe. He had worked in Taiwan and Malaysia and had multiple visits to US, Thailand and Dubai for his work. But his motive is born in India- work for India and make India more powerful. He has ventured three projects before the launch of IFYSI.

He is inspired so much by the ‘Make in India’ campaign so he started this venture instead of promoting international products.

Daisy is a Computer Engineer. She has worked in many MNCs in senior positions. She left job after both of them were gifted with a baby girl. Since then she has helped women to launch their home based businesses.

Her book ‘The Art of Baking’ became a bestseller on Amazon. She has been instrumental in conceiving the idea of natural products to be presented under the brand IFYSI.

IFYSI's Moto

Our Mission

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” ~William A. Foster

IFYSI provides you with the natural goodness of chlorophyll. We are introducing skin care and hair care products, which are chlorophyll based, natural and free from sulfates, silicon, paraben and other harsh chemicals. Our skin care and hair care products are carefully formulated by Cosmologists.

  • Be close to nature as much as possible and to bring out products with the best natural healing and nourishing abilities.
  • All our products are and would be based on extensive research for nourishment of face, scalp, hair, skin and body.
  • We would bring in the form of Gels, Creams, Essential Oils, Serums etc. which would be derived fresh from the pure sources. In some of our therapies we use the patented and proven compounds to make these best result oriented products.
  • No compromise with Quality.
  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
  • To generate employment for people of India.

Story of IFYSI

How the idea of IFYSI got Conceived?

The founder has an interest in plants and nature. While talking to a friend he just came across how chlorophyll generated by plants is useful for human skin and hair. So he did research and decided to start this venture where all products will be chlorophyll based and that is the USP of IFYSI’s initial product range.

This further increased his interest to do further research on other natural compositions which can bring miraculous results on nourishment of face, skin, hair, body. We are in deep research mode for developing various formulations with composition of rich key ingredients.